Olde Main

This Pinot Grigio is a full-bodied Alsatian style crisp with apple flavors and hints of anise


Olde Main is an international award-winning silver medal wine. This Pinot Grigio is light, crisp and refreshing. This is the white wine version of Pinot Noir. The Noir grape was structurally altered to form the Gris grape.  Confusion exists between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. These grayish grapes (gris is French for gray) are the same. Although the grape originated in France, across the border in Italy the grape is known as Grigio.
It pairs well with light dishes such as chicken and seafood, but the acid helps to balance rich sauces and slightly spicy foods. Pair our Grigio with our 409 Tailgate Chicken Rub for a fantastic match!