Sapphire Blue

Blueberry Wine

This gold-medal recipient is 100% blueberry juice. True to our farm-to-table philosophy there are no color or flavor additives.


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This slightly sweeter white wine is made from the Vidal grape. This hearty hybrid grape is typically prepared as an ice wine, however we have sweetened ours to 5% residual sugar.

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Olde Main

Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio is a full-bodied Alsatian style crisp with apple flavors and hints of anise.



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Tailgate Sauce

Tailgate Sauces from 409 Tailgate Club are the first ever small batch BBQ sauces created for Penn State tailgaters and BBQ enthusiasts. We believe a tailgate should have a variety of foods, so tailgate sauces must go well with everything. Whether you are smoking meats at your house, or grilling outside Beaver Stadium, our “Original” and “Peachy Pa’s” will be sure to kick your food up a notch!




Tailgate Wine

We feel strongly that producing wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that, like tailgating, fosters friendship,  brings families together, and unites communities. Whether you’re enjoying our Tailgate Blue or one of our Tailgate Whites,  raise a glass and declare the toast, WE ARE…

about us


409 Tailgate Sauces

409 Tailgate Club was started by us, Andrew and Jeremy, because we love Penn State football, tailgating, and barbecue. In addition to simply being “tailgaters,” we also run a barbecue catering company. From charcoal grilled chicken wings to wood smoked meats, we pride ourselves in serving the best barbecue in Happy Valley! You’re going to love our rubs and sauces!


BBQ and Wine

A classic pairing that is just made to be enjoyed among friends!


409 Tailgate Wine

Patti and Steph fulfilled a life long dream of theirs by starting Freas Farm Winery. They have now brought their award winning wines to the 409 Tailgate family. 

“We believe that the only thing better than raising a glass is to pair it with great BBQ”

We feel strongly that producing wine and raising a glass with great BBQ sauces and rubs is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, joins the arts, brings families together, and unites communities.

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our most popular packages


Blue & White Gift Box

What better gift for someone who roots for the Blue and White then our Blue and White wine in a wooden gift box! Get our Sapphire Blue blueberry wine with either our 1885 (Vidal) or Olde Main (Pinot Grigio)


Blue & Sauce Combo

Combine our Sapphire Blue blueberry wine with the original 409 Tailgate Sauce for a combo that can’t be beat!


White and Rub Combo

Pair our Pinot Grigio with our famous 409 Tailgate chicken rub for a real treat. The Pinot is a perfect complement to the lemon peppery goodness of the rub!


Full Tailgate Package

Get it all with our full tailgate package. Our Blueberry, Pinot Grigio, and Vidal wines along  with both our original 409 Tailgate Sauce and the Peachy Pa’s bourbon sauce. We’ll even throw in a 409 Tailgate Club Apron!